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Almost a billion people travel by air each year. Although safe for majority, can create complications for people who have heart and lung disease. On land we breathe 21% oxygen, but in the flights which fly at 40,000 feet, with pressurized aircraft cabins, we get to breathe just 15.1% oxygen.

As a result les oxygen circulates in blood (around 92% saturation as against a saturation of 98%). People with lung problems suffer more, and their oxygen saturation may dip (less than the danger mark 90%).In fact in people with very severe (and worse if undetected), the oxygen saturation level can go as low as 70% and bring avoidable complications (like heart attack, lung failure etc) to the person.

People with lung disease who plan to take up air travel should undergo a “Pulmo Check for Air Travel at least two weeks before the scheduled travel. Pulmo Check for Air Travel will assess efficiency of your lungs and estimate the ability of your respiratory system to withstand high altitude oxygen levels. You will be put through highly tests on sophisticated machines.

Based on these test results, you will be given the advice on medications, use of oxygen, and use of inhalers, nebulisers and precautions to be taken during the travel. If needed necessary International certificates will be provided for the airport and flight authorities.
Call Swetha or Nirmala on +91 40 2761 0645 now for appointment for “Pulmo Check for Air Travel. Make air travel safe for you and enjoyable for your family!